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For all the good you do, our goal is to make successful practices even stronger. Gaining efficiencies in how you work, exploring broader revenue opportunities, engaging with your market differently – there are a number of ways to do more.

Utilizing our physician-management partnership approach, you’ll simply choose the services you need – strategic planning, capital investments or operational support – and our experienced team will provide the required level of support. Positioning you to better handle business concerns and focus on the best outcomes for your patients.

Constant reimbursement shifting makes it difficult to stay on top of the latest rates, let alone negotiate with payers when reimbursements are lowered. By partnering with In Vitro Sciences for our payer contracting strategies, we can put you in a position of strength so you may achieve contracting success.

In Vitro Sciences' Pricing Strategies:

Recognizing that many of your patients are self-pay for IVF services, we can help you design creative pricing programs and models for your patients using bundling and sliding-scale approaches, among others. The key to our pricing plans is keeping it simple for all parties, starting with an audit of your current approach to find out what's working.

In Vitro Sciences' Payer Strategies include:

  • Data-driven analyses to demonstrate how quality care leads to help plan savings
  • Optimized managed care reimbursements
  • Higher fees on a code-by-code basis
  • Proven experience and success
  • Development and leverage of pay-for-performance and advanced shared savings programs
  • Competitive self-pay pricing models
Your focus needs to be on patient care, not chasing down payments. In Vitro Sciences can provide you with tailored technology solutions to streamline your group’s financial process and make billing and collections more consistent and reliable.

In Vitro Sciences’ Revenue Cycle Management:

  • Utilizes the cloud-based technology, athenaCollector®, which has been named Best in KLAS for practice management
  • Improves revenue while reducing administrative work
  • Resolves claims that are not paid the first time and are bounced back, quickly
  • Gives you access to our customized case rate and bundled payment rules within athenaCollector®.

In Vitro Sciences is able to interface with any EMR to eliminate duplicate entry of certain patient information - with the goal of gaining the best integration and efficiencies for your business.

Your patients are accustomed to sending and receiving their information in a variety of ways, so it’s important to reach them using a method they prefer. In Vitro Sciences, can provide your practice with live and automated communication services to streamline your interactions with patients across a variety of platforms.

In Vitro Sciences’ Electronic Patient Communications:

  • Utilizes email, text messaging and portal capabilities to inspire patient engagement and retention
  • Reduces the time spent by staff answering phone calls and making appointment reminder calls
  • Send custom-tailored messages about your practice, at your discretion
As the in vitro fertilization market becomes more competitive and consumer behaviors continue to shift, it’s critical to reach potential patients strategically. In Vitro Sciences can provide marketing and branding solutions – to supplement tactics you may already have in play – to assist you in connecting with key demographics and maximizing your brand voice and patient volume.

In Vitro Sciences’ Marketing & Branding Services:

  • Utilize mass marketing and online strategies to increase patient volume
  • Focus on key demographics, women ages 25-54, in your geographic area
  • Develop consumer-facing web properties to build awareness and volume
  • Employ patient satisfaction surveying and monitoring, as well as improvement and enhancement strategies, to elevate the patient experience
Knowing your practice’s financial health can assist you in preparing for near-future expenses, position you for growth and insulate you from changes in consumer habits. Our financial management services help prepare your practice to succeed now and down the road.

In Vitro Sciences’ Financial Management Services:

  • Create solutions tailored for fertility practices
  • Provide the services you need, including:
    • Accounts payable management
    • Investment strategies
    • Cash management
    • Credit/banking
    • Financial reporting
    • Payroll processing and management
    • Budgeting and forecasting
We created and currently have a successful captive insurance company, and can assess your current insurance program so that we can put the destiny of your business back into your hands.

In Vitro Sciences’ Professional Liability Risk Management & Compliance Service:

  • Provides strong risk management strategies, as well as innovative early intervention and claims management strategies
  • Achieves insurance rates that may be lower than comparable commercial insurance rates
You want your staff to be taken care of, but getting the right benefits and systems in place can take a significant amount of time and energy away from caring for your patients. In partnering with In Vitro Sciences, you can simply select the specific human resource services your practice needs and we handle the rest.

In Vitro Sciences’ Human Resource Services:

  • Create solutions tailored for fertility practices
  • Provide you with the services you need, including:
    • Benefits selection and management
    • Recruitment support
    • Employee relations management, support and guidance
Trying to keep up with the latest technology while ensuring sensitive medical information is secure can be overwhelming. Our information technology service allows you to select the best technologies for your practice. We'll then implement them seamlessly.

In Vitro Sciences’ Information Technology Services:

  • Create solutions tailored for fertility practices
  • Provide you with the services you need, including:
    • Stewardship of practice management systems
    • Office phone, computer and server system management
Business expenses are an ongoing challenge, but there are smart ways to avoid some of the costs. Our group purchasing service leverages the power of numbers, securing you the best possible price on everything from office supplies to specialty medical equipment.

In Vitro Sciences’ Group Purchasing Efficiencies:

  • Achieve discounted rates on commonly purchased supplies and services through GPOs, purchasing aggregators or direct-vendor negotiations